Six o’clock. But it’s really seven o’clock. Or is it? Whatever it is, it messes us up. They call it Daylight Savings Time. DST. Which just ended. By decree. What a racket. What a joke. To think one can actually save daylight. And now it’s given back to us… As we turn our clocks back. […]

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Time. It passes. It flies. It stops still. (Or seems to.) Or it marches on. Time heals all. Give it time. Just in the nick of time. Tap your foot and keep time. We take time to make clocks. And watches. And stopwatches. So we can measure time. Or watch the clock. Inevitably time passes. […]

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Time After Time

This is it. The beginning of 2016. And so it goes. Time. Going, going, gone. Usher out the old. Welcome the new. The past is past. Adios. Vaya con Dios. It’s about time. A new year is born. Wishing one well. May it be happy. And healthy. And prosperous. Time waits for no one. Time […]

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Tick Tock

Time flies. Whether or not you’re having fun. Time has its own speed limit. Which seems to increase as time passes. When we’re 10, time drags on. At 10 mph. When we’re 30, it’s 30 mph. And ramping up. By 50, time’s zipping along at 50 mph. And so forth. I guess it makes sense […]

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