All aboard! Last month before 2019. All hands on deck. Stow your carry-on under your seat. Hang on to your hats. Hold tight the reins. We’re off and running. December is our final stop. Destination:  the New Year. And December is here. With it comes turquoise. And narcissus. The official birthstone. And flower. So away […]



Here’s the church. Here’s the steeple. Open the doors. Here’s all the people. On any given Sunday, it’s bound to be true. Formal worship, that is. With churches full of people. Beginning at 8:30. At First United Methodist Church. (Second service is 10:50). And 9:00 at River of Life for those who speak Spanish. (Otherwise, […]

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Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ Keep them cattle rollin’ Move ‘em out Bring ‘em in Head ‘em up Ride ‘em in Cut ‘em out Round ‘em up It’s Round-Up Weekend. EeeeeHAAAAAA. Saturday, July 8th. A Mason tradition for umpteen years. Fifty-three, to be exact. Parade. Floats. Candy for the kids. Horseback riders. The only thing missing is […]

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Beef. It’s what’s for supper. Or dinner. Which is another name for lunch. Whatever. Eat beef. Manger le boeuf. After all, this is a ranching community. Raising cattle for more than 100 years. Angus. Brangus. Longhorn. And if you don’t raise your own, you can buy from those who do. There’s locally-grown, grass-fed, all natural […]

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Ode to the Crape Myrtle: I think that I shall never see Anything quite so lo-ve-ly A tree that blooms while we sweat And summer isn’t here yet. A bush that looks Like a bouquet To make us forget That one day It will be hot And hot And hotter. Better pray for rain So […]

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