O The Joy!

October. Month of magic. No longer summer. No matter it’s 90 degrees. It’s also cooler nights. And brighter stars. October. The pre-holiday period. A month without pressure. Or plans. A breather. Between summer and holiday madness. Thanksgiving lurks way over yonder. And Christmas is nowhere near the horizon. October is what it is. Trees’ leaves […]

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Thank goodness. Thanksgiving. Thankfully it’s here. Thank you one and all. Thank yourself. Even if no one else does. Go ahead. Give yourself a pat on the back. Or a nice hug. No hubris implied. Nor vainglory. Just acknowledging yourself. For being there. Or knowing when to leave. For pitching in. Or staying out of […]



Hallow. Eve. Hollow. Weave. Holler. Fever. Witch’s cleaver. Gloomy ghoul. Ghostly gal. Spider web. Web-foot giant. Skeleton. Hairy monster. Skull and bones. Scary mobster. Dragon fire. Dinosaur. Big-tooth rat. Sneaky snake. Sword swallower. Creepy crawler. Goon. Cartoon. Baby doll. Fashion model. Headless horseman. Bug-eyed freak. Monk and nun. Wired geek. King and queen. Referee. Ball-and-chain. […]

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Cold. Wait for it. Hot. And so it goes. Sweater. Jacket. Hat. Flip the switch. A/C. T-shirt. Cap. Speaking of T-shirts and caps. You can get them monogrammed at Beaty’s Embroidery & Signs. And Mason Monograms & More. And T-shirts printed too. They’re right across the street from each other on Hwy 87 north. Near the […]

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S. As in, September. The 19th letter of the English alphabet. From the Greek sigma. A borrowing from the Phoenicians. I wonder if they want it back. “Pardon me, but that S belongs to us. And we’re tired of lithping.” Butsigmais the name of the 18thletter of the Greek alphabet. Not 19th. According to trusty […]



It’s become a tradition to run this column every year before school starts   Last week Mason County News published the School Supply List for Mason Elementary and Mason Junior High. You can probably find most of these items at Dollar General. Anyway, I was so intrigued I just couldn’t put it down. The list began with Pre-K. […]

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Topaz. Now there’s a gem of a gem. November’s birthstone. And Mason’s own indigenous rock. You might find one at Country Collectibles. Or Benjie’s. Maybe in Underwood’s Antique Mall. Or Market Square. And The Thing Is. Or Shooting Star. You can also see a huge one on display at Mason Square Museum. And Country Collectibles. […]

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Halloween Coming soon to a haunted house near you. Meantime, there’s HALLOWINE. At Sandstone Cellars Winery. Saturday, October 28th. From 6 – 10 pm. Just east of the Square. Tuesday, October 31st is actually Halloween. Can’t believe it’s here already. Time flies. Whether on a broomstick or not. Black comes to mind. As in black […]

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It’s heeeeere. The end of summer. The beginning of fall. As in…autumn. On Friday the 22nd to be exact. A favorite season for most. Cooler mornings. Softer sun. Crisper moon. Stars to beat the band. A season for retreat. Reformation. Refocusing. Resting. Reaping. But also planting. Bulbs. Bare-root. Root vegetables. Kale. Spinach. To everything, there […]

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