December 12. Just another day. But also somebody’s birthday. Gustave Flaubert. Edvard Munch. Edward G. Robinson. Frank Sinatra. Bob Barker. Remember him? (The Price Is Right!) Connie Francis. (Where the Boys Are…) Dionne Warwick. Cathy Rigby. Cathy who? It’s also the date many have died. Douglas Fairbanks. Winston Churchill’s wife, Clementine. A formidable person in […]

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  Wednesday. July 26. 2017. Just another ordinary day. Perhaps. Going back in time… July 26 wasn’t always an ordinary day. Many significant things happened on that date. War, for one. We’re going way back. In 657, the first Muslim civil war occurred along the Euphrates River. Then, in 811, the Bulgarians beat the Byzantines […]

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