Underground springs go on, Evidenced by mesquite And water pooled In the granite draw.   She booted through the brass burrs Behind him, Her ropers and jeans Brushing against the prickly pear.   There’s the rub, He called. Over yonder. One monarch flew above him.   Traces of buck velvet Lay like tufted leaves Among […]

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There where the sideoats grama grew They stepped, hand-in-hand, as the chief And his sister and the tribe had done two hundred Years before, up river, up on the bluff.   A wall of rocks directed the buffalo Over the cliff, the San Saba waiting As only a river can do, while One lone heron […]

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  The clouds went one way. Black birds went the other. Why must we bother to record the days when all that comes and comes undone goes forth without any aid. Calendars of other years were torched and set a-sailing. This should be the way of all yesterdays. This could be the way to the […]

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  Capillaries. Organelles. Multi-nucleate fibers. These are a few of our favorite things… And a few of the things we’re made of. All of us. Every single last one of us. That is, if you’re human. A miracle. That’s what it is. Aorta. Ligaments. Microvilli and villi. Lymph ducts. Scapula. Stratum germinativum. Biology. It’s the […]

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  If I could trace it out full and sure— an index finger’s worth— I most assuredly would.   If I could call it out in an opera of elephants, gray and wide— I certainly would.   To dribble it out, to dabble about on the viola and let it hang its whites on a […]

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  There! that sound (yes, I hear it) comes on a column of air.   We are caught in the act of too much thought (I wonder what we missed in the midst of it all)   That sound (clear)— maybe run through rocks honed, polished—   Is an aria (magnificent) of monumental proportions. It […]