Fourth of July. Just around the corner. Next Tuesday, in fact. Supposed to be in the 90s. Hot and dry. That’s Texas weather for ya. Hot-and-dry fits right in. After all, it IS summer. Celebrate outdoors. Parades. Picnics in the shade. Cold ice tea. Sweet tea. Cold soda. Cold Kool-Aid. Cold beer. Cold wine. Cold […]

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Beef. It’s what’s for supper. Or dinner. Which is another name for lunch. Whatever. Eat beef. Manger le boeuf. After all, this is a ranching community. Raising cattle for more than 100 years. Angus. Brangus. Longhorn. And if you don’t raise your own, you can buy from those who do. There’s locally-grown, grass-fed, all natural […]

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Ode to the Crape Myrtle: I think that I shall never see Anything quite so lo-ve-ly A tree that blooms while we sweat And summer isn’t here yet. A bush that looks Like a bouquet To make us forget That one day It will be hot And hot And hotter. Better pray for rain So […]

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Coreopsis. Crowding the pasture. Careening through the draws. Crashing through the barbed wire. Advancing into every open space it can find. Celebrating. It’s good to be a wildflower. Especially with rain. Spring weather. Moisture. Heat. Cooler mornings. Cool enough for blankets. Indian blankets too. And Gayfeathers. Winecups. White prickly poppy. Yes, it’s good to be […]



Fine. Be that way. O very, merry month of May. June’s right behind you. Just waiting. So go ahead. Leave. Not that anybody could stop you. You sure didn’t last long. In fact, you sped right by. Or so it seems. But you packed a wallop while you were here. You brought rain. And wind. […]

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A tiny egg. Sign of Spring. Life. Hope springing eternal. Newborn birds. In the nest. Out of the nest. Some in their eggs. Some wailing for worms. Like those at the Odeon Theatre. And some who don’t make it. A tiny broken egg. Bird unformed. Too soon. No hope. No wings. No flight. No feathers. […]

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Two. What a strange little word. Born out of German zwei. And Old English twa. And the Latin duo. Which means “two.” So says trusty Webster. You…and you too. Equals two. One more than one. But both are only one syllable. Not that there’s anything wrong with one. The lone wolf. A solitary oak. One […]

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