Go fly a kite. Go jump in the lake. It’s perfect weather for both. Well…maybe the water is a little cold. But it sounds fun just the same. Especially flying a kite. Kite flying is as old as the hills. Three thousand years old, give or take. Like before Christ. China invented the kite. They […]

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Seventy-four million. 74,000,000. That’s a lot. That’s an estimate. Not for how many stars are in the sky. Or how much your tax refund will be. 74,000,000 is an estimate of pet dogs in this country. Who estimated this…and how…remains a secret. But even if they overestimated by half… That’s 37 million dogs. And y’all […]

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Easter Sunday. Coming up. Just like all the bulbs. All over town. And all around. Spring. New life. Springing up. Resurrection. Hope springs eternal. April 16th. Easter Sunday. Also called “Pascha” (Greek/Latin). Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Easter is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians too. In many languages, the words for “Easter” […]



April. Nice word. In other languages, too. Abril. Avril. Aprile. Dubna. Huhtikuu. Nice month. Nice flowers. Celestials. Indian Paintbrush. Gaillardia. Evening Primrose. Coreopsis. Bluebonnets galore. We knew it would happen. All that rain. We knew the bluebonnets would bloom profusely. Take a drive. Quick. Before they’re gone. Out James River Road. From Highway 87 all […]

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Texas redbud. Ringing in Spring. They’re out there. And Spring is officially here. If you ever plan to motor west. Take the highway that’ll show you the best. Take Texas State Highway 29. A glorious one awaits you near the county line. From there to Menard it just gets better and better. They’re mostly on […]

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As The World Turns

Bringing in the sheaves, Bringing in the sheaves. We shall come rejoicing, Bringing in the sheaves. One of the most popular hymns for Protestant Christians. Inspired by Psalm 126:6. Written in 1874. With a wide range of renditions. From Frank Zappa. To characters on “The Simpsons.” To Granny on “Beverly Hillbillies.” We shall come rejoicing, […]

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