drawing-pad-1209781_640 (1) (1)

If I could trace it out

full and sure—

an index finger’s worth—

I most assuredly would.


If I could call it out

in an opera of elephants,

gray and wide—

I certainly would.


To dribble it out,

to dabble about

on the viola and let it

hang its whites on a wide veranda—

be sure I would if I could.


Some have applied it with oils

and the colors of French gargoyles.

Others have denied it.

Drums, piano, cello—

the whole!

have vied for it.


If I could snare it clean

like a cat in a trap

and tame it with milk

no less whiter than a page

(a page clean of ink;

of the scratch of lead)

without a doubt, I would.

[From the Watermark series]


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