girl-playing-golf-1325679 (1)

That could be the headline.

Right there in tomorrow’s paper.

Had it not been for Mother Nature.

Thankfully, it didn’t rain.

Thankfully, the wind didn’t blow a million miles an hour.

And the temperatures were actually above freezing.

So I had no excuse.

The only thing that would drive me crazy would be myself.

(Like that’s never happened.)

I got my bucket of balls.

I went with the small one of 50.

It’s the least expensive.

And lasts almost an hour.

Figure a minute per ball.

That’s a perfect amount of time to limber up.

Practice one’s swing.

Get some fresh air.

Maybe see a friend or two.

Or make new friends.

Or just enjoying some quiet time alone.

The driving range offers all of these.

And, of course, it depends on the range.

You might be stacked on top of each other on balconies in a dense urban setting.

Or lined up on the ground side by side with 100 tees marking the spaces.

Or hitting them at an out-of-the-way driving range on the outskirts of a small town.


Driving ranges offer buckets from $2 to $30. 

Usually 25 to 100 balls. 

It all depends on where the driving range is located.

So get those clubs out of the closet.

Load them in your trunk or the back of your SUV or pick-up.

And get thee to the driving range where fun is to be had by all.

Make sure you bring your wedge.

It’s a good way to warm up.

Get into the swing of things.

And practice for those future sand traps.

You can set goals for yourself.



Or landing it at a specific site.

Such as the big tree to the left.

If I had tried to hit that tree, I would’ve missed.

But because I didn’t want to, I not only hit it but the ball came flying back at me like a boomerang.

Like I said, go have some fun.

There’s no wrong or right.

It’s just you and you.


So what do you have to lose?

Read more poetry!


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