Loving What Is Right Here, Right Now

Fall 2016
Photo of a buck rub

Beauty, beauty, everywhere.

Autumn sees to that.

Trees changing color.

Leaves beginning to fall.

And the sky.

Clear, fresh, pure. 

Lucky, lucky, lucky to be alive.

To see the sun rise.

To notice the heron at water’s edge.

Or spot a buck running through the brush.

To hear cows bellow in the morning.

Or an owl late at night.

To smell bacon frying.

Or the smoke from a neighbor’s fireplace.

To yell and scream when the Punchers win.

To sing a song.

Or hum until Baby goes to sleep.

Life, life, everywhere.

Books to curl up with.

Walkways to sweep.

Prayers to say.

Friends to meet.

Promises to keep.

Smiles to share.

Stories to tell.

Time, time, the passing of time.

Put away summer clothes.

Bring out the warm ones.

Take a long walk.

Stir the soup.

Thanks be given. 

For hay in the barn.

Cattle and goats.

Fuel in the truck.

And plenty to eat.

And thanks for the chickens.

And the eggs.

And the dog by our side.

Rain, rain, rain.

So much has come.

So much has gone.

The happy times.

And the sad ones.

The goodness and the gracious.

This—another season.

Another chance.

And for abandoned animals, a Second Chance.

Every critter deserves a home.

And home is where the heart is.

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