O The Joy!

Big pumpkin


Month of magic.

No longer summer.

No matter it’s 90 degrees.

It’s also cooler nights.

And brighter stars.


The pre-holiday period.

A month without pressure.

Or plans.

A breather.

Between summer and holiday madness.

Thanksgiving lurks way over yonder.

And Christmas is nowhere near the horizon.

October is what it is.

Trees’ leaves change.

And fall.


Haunting wind.

Black cats look blacker.

Nighttime darker.

Stars brighter.

Stormy weather.

Sky cracking.



Ghoulish bushes.

Writhing tree limbs.

Howling hounds.

Witches flying by on brooms.

Graveyards glow.

The gopher pokes his head out of his hole.

Takes a sniff.

Change is in the air.


Fill the birdbath.

A cat drinks the water.

Then wanders off.

Four and twenty sparrows arrive.

And all take a bath together.

Water flies in every direction.

Geckos go every which way.

As do lizards.

And snakes.

And the lone roadrunner.


The only month that starts with an O.

Round as a Halloween moon.

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