All aboard!

Last month before 2019.

All hands on deck.

Stow your carry-on under your seat.

Hang on to your hats.

Hold tight the reins.

We’re off and running.

December is our final stop.

Destination:  the New Year.

And December is here.

With it comes turquoise.

And narcissus.

The official birthstone.

And flower.

So away we go

Down the slippery slope.

As we slide into Winter.

The descent into shorter days.

The temperatures dropping.

Along with the leaves.

Nothing can stop it.

Not a thing.

Not even political reform.

Or a revolution.


We switch from A/C to heat.

Turn off the fan.

Stoke the fire.

Relish the wintry sun.

Christmas calls.

And the days race by.

Decorations go up.

Letters to Santa go out.

Churchgoers worship and pray.

And nearly everybody goes shopping.

Up the road and down the road—

And all around the square.

It’s there.

The perfect gift.

Right here.

Under our noses.

So before you head out of town, stop.

Stop and shop…in town.

From The Green House to Mason Feed.

From Country Collectibles to Underwood Antiques.

From The Thing Is to Market Square.

Benjie’s and The Petal Patch.

And that’s just naming a few.

It’s all here for you.

And yours.

And don’t forget The Community Thrift Store.

It’s non-profit.

Whatever they net goes back into the community.

That’s awesome.

That’s Mason.


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Renee Walker is a poet, writer, and real estate broker on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster.  


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