Six o’clock.

But it’s really seven o’clock.

Or is it?

Whatever it is, it messes us up.

They call it Daylight Savings Time.


Which just ended.

By decree.

What a racket.

What a joke.

To think one can actually save daylight.

And now it’s given back to us…

As we turn our clocks back.

We gain an hour, they say.

That’s darn near impossible.

We just mess with our clocks.

Like the Time Tyrants mess with us.

My 100-year-old Seth Thomas clock is not amused.

It’s a seven-day wind-up.

That is, you wind it up every seven days.

You don’t move the hour hand, period.

And you don’t move the second-hand back.

You have to go forward in order to arrive at the correct time.

Which means going all the way around to get back.

Now that’s 100-year-old wisdom.

From a clock created before the Time Tyrants took power.

We think we live in a free country.

Think again.

We are told what time…and when.

Along with 70 other countries.

Benjamin Franklin thought it up.

Telling people in France they’d save money on candles if they implemented his brilliant idea.

Come to find out, Benjamin Franklin also regularly patronized ladies of the night so perhaps that had something to do with it.

Darkness was on his side.

More than a hundred years passed before anybody implemented DST.

In WWI, Germany used it to save coal for the war.

America followed suit.

Then DST was repealed during peacetime.

Everybody got to rest up.

And sleep like a normal person.

Until WWII.

And it’s been with us ever since.

Studies now show there’s a 1% increase in energy consumption during DST.

And more recently, heart attacks have increased.

DST throws off our natural rhythm causing fitful sleep.

Meaning no rest for the weary.

Or wicked.

The heart gives in…and gives out.

The old ticker quits ticking.

All to save a little bit of time.

That’s Mason.


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Renee Walker is a poet, writer, and real estate broker on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster.  


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