Curried eggplant


Wait for it.


And so it goes.




Flip the switch.




Speaking of T-shirts and caps.

You can get them monogrammed at Beaty’s Embroidery & Signs.

And Mason Monograms & More.

And T-shirts printed too.

They’re right across the street from each other on Hwy 87 north.

Near the Short Stop.

And Nacho’s Café.

Monogrammed towels make a nice gift.

So do monogrammed pillowcases.

Nice gifts can be found at The Thing Is.

On the north side of the Square.

The boutique carries designer clothes, jewelry, shoes, and bags.

Unique items and artwork can be found at The Shooting Star too.

It’s also on the north side of the Square.

Walk around the corner and get a new do at Off the Square Hair Salon.

.           And don’t forget some herb plants at The Green House.

While the season lasts.

Fortunately, the season for good food is always here.

And Sisters Catering delivers weekly.

You can purchase the whole enchilada (pun intended).

Or buy one item.

The full package includes two entrees, two servings of soup, five cups fresh fruit, two types of salad, two sandwiches, and dessert.

Only $60.

Or pick and choose.

Chili poblano soup.

Wood-grilled ribeye pork chop with roasted carrots.

Pesto pasta salad.

Texas chicken salad on wheat bread.

Mexican chocolate cake.

Just a sample of what’s offered.

And it’s all homemade.

Call or text Mary Scholibo at (325) 347-5636.

Hot or cold, rain or shine.

It’s always time to eat.

That’s Mason.


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Renee Walker is a poet, writer, and real estate broker on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster.  


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