Cardinal nest and egg

A tiny egg.

Sign of Spring.


Hope springing eternal.

Newborn birds.

In the nest.

Out of the nest.

Some in their eggs.

Some wailing for worms.

Like those at the Odeon Theatre.

And some who don’t make it.

A tiny broken egg.

Bird unformed.

Too soon.

No hope.

No wings.

No flight.

No feathers.

And so, Spring passes it by.

No second chances.

None for the baby bird, either.

Fallen from the bough.

Perfect beak.

Bulging eyes.

Feathered wings.

No airlift.

Too weak to fly.

Spring passes it by.

No second chance for a too-early bird.

But now there’s hope for cats and dogs.

Second Chance.

Mason Animal Rescue.

A non-profit group of volunteers committed to finding homes for stray animals—

abandoned, neglected, homeless.

Instead of having them killed.

And to have every rescued animal neutered or spayed.

And current on all vaccinations.

Second Chance.

They need help and donations—

Cat litter.

Dog and cat food.

Old towels and rags.

Leashes and collars.




(325) 347-2387.

Send checks to P.O. Box 953, Mason 76856.

Any chance is a good one.

May Second Chance continue to succeed.

On a wing and a prayer.

And with y’all’s support.

That’s Mason.


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Renee Walker is a poet, writer, and real estate broker on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster.  


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