Buster in the yard

Seventy-four million.


That’s a lot.

That’s an estimate.

Not for how many stars are in the sky.

Or how much your tax refund will be.

74,000,000 is an estimate of pet dogs in this country.

Who estimated this…and how…remains a secret.

But even if they overestimated by half…

That’s 37 million dogs.

And y’all know what dogs do.

Each pet poops three-quarters of a pound a day.

(Kinda gives “QuarterPounder” a whole new meaning.)

That’s 12 ounces a day That’s an approximate figure.

I wonder who had to run that test.

Hmmm, let’s see.

Watch where you step.

74,000,000 four-legged poopmobiles multiplied by 0.75 pounds of poop.

A simple math problem.

The answer is 55,500,000 pounds of poop.

That’s fifty-five million, five hundred thousand pounds.

Of dog doo-doo.

A day.

Every day.

And then another estimate…

Forty percent of dog owners do NOT pick up after their dogs.


No firm (pun intended) statistic exists as to how many people own one dog or multiple dogs.

So this could never be exactly exact.

But the rough estimate is four million TONS of unpicked-up dog poop pollute vital water resources every year.

4,000,000 tons every year.

Being human, none of us think our dog is the problem.

After all, the dog does what comes natural.

Nature is natural.

Go green.

Leave the poop to decompose.

What could be more natural.

Like mini-compost piles.

Except bacteria in dog feces can contaminate.

And infect the next dog that comes along and gives it a sniff.

Don’t take my word for it.

Dr. Dave Rosberg at Hill Country Veterinary Hospital told me himself.

It’s safer, smarter, cleaner, and greener to pick up poop and throw it in the trash.

Nobody likes to look at it.

Nobody likes to smell it.

Nobody likes to clean it up when it’s somebody else’s dog.

And nobody–but nobody–likes stepping in it.

If my grandmother was around, she’d warn you with:

“Don’t cut your foot!”

That was more polite.

That’s Mason.


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Renee Walker is a poet, writer, and real estate broker on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster.  


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