ctecTwo thousand one hundred and fourteen.


A very specific number.




Take a wild guess.

The balance in your bank account?

The amount of your property taxes?

The cost to fix your truck?

College tuition (for one semester)?

Your paycheck?

Guess again.

Number of stars in the sky?

Number of times kids open the refrigerator door in one day?

Number of friends on Facebook?

Getting close.


The population of the city of Mason.

It’s on the sign.

At the city limits.

The entire county has about 4,000 all told.

And just think.

Y’all are one of them.



And loving it.

As is evident in all the remodeling.

And new construction.

Residential and commercial.


Fresh paint.

New signs.

Around the square…

Underwood Antique Mall.

Market Square.

Reigning Cats & Dogs.

Odeon Theatre.

Lea Lou Co-op.

The Chamber of Commerce.

South of the square…

Post Oak Spa.

Primal Wildgame Processing.


And north of the square…

Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant.

Parts City Auto Parts.

Iglesia Bautista.

Texas Deadwood BBQ.

And east of town…

CTEC Mason District Office.

PROFAB Welding & Fabrication.

(Check out their sign with a water feature.)

SOS Strategic Oilfield Services.

And coming soon, senior housing.

Things are looking up.

And looking good.

That’s Mason.

Renee Walker is a poet, writer, and real estate broker on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster. 

Read more poetry!


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