leas-lou-pizza-1Make up.

We all do it.

One way or another.

We make up our face.

We make up our minds.

Make up the bed.

Maybe make up an excuse.

Or make up the difference.

And sometimes we have to make up for lost time.

Some of us make up a story to entertain.

Or to get the kiddos to sleep.

Some of us make up our lives as we go along.

We change our hair.

Our furniture.

Our house.

We change jobs.


Even partners.

Or we kiss and make up.

We make up businesses.

Creating something out of nothing.

A wonderfully hard thing to do.

Just look at Lea Lou Co-op and Grunts.

Like jumping off a cliff.


Hopefully never to hit rock bottom.

Small businesses make up Mason.

Rancher and realtor.

Farmer and lawyer.

Shopkeeper and surveyor.

Hog catcher and brush clearer.

Mechanic and pet sitter.

Saddle maker.

Plumber and hairdresser.

Feed store proprietor.

Massage therapist.

Welder and restaurant owner.

Gardener and road builder.

Seamstress and bootmaker.

Banker and babysitter.

Antique dealer.

Roper and roofer.

Fence builder and frame maker.

Sign maker and monogrammer.

Auto body repair.

Carpenter and dog groomer.

Florist and caterer.

Painter and pump installer.

Baker and winemaker.

B&B proprietor.



And undertaker.

A town independently owned and operated.

That’s Mason.

Renee Walker is a poet and writer on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster.  


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