Round-up Parade, Mason 1Roll ‘em, roll ‘em, roll ‘em.

Keep them dogies rollin.’

Round ‘em up!

And RoundUp Weekend is coming up.

This Friday and Saturday to be exact.

So roll on out and have some fun.

Enjoy the parade.

Enjoy the music.

Enjoy the food.

Create and make something special.

Round-Up Parade, Mason 2Sell it on the Courthouse lawn.

Or browse around.

And buy those handcrafted items.

Round ‘em up.

Head ‘em out.

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’.

Mason’s oldest event.

For 52 years.

We got it all.

RoundUp Queen.

RoundUp Dance.

RoundUp Live Music Entertainment.

RoundUp Parade.

RoundUp Rodeo.

And speaking of rounding up.

And speaking of around the square.

And speaking of round…

Don’t miss the goodies at Topaz Confections.

Round cookies.

Round cupcakes.

Eat enough and you might end up round.

Or rounder.

Round up with some homemade pies at Willow Creek Café.

Pizza’s round too.

And it’s around.

Lea Lou Co-Op.

Or Short Stop.

Or get a square meal at The Square Plate.

Stroll a-round the square.

And buy, buy, buy.

The Mason Gallery.

Underwood’s Antique Mall.

Lilacs & Calico.

Chica Chula.

Mason County Craftsmen.


Ranchland Western Wear.

The Shooting Star.

The Thing Is.

Mason Variety Store.

Market Square.

Reigning Cats & Dogs.

Community Thrift Store.

And beyond the square.

Cherokee Rose.

Country Collectibles.

Mason Resale Barn.

Mason Thrift Store.

And Artisan Gallery.

So mark it down.

July 8th and July 9th.

Be there.

Or be square.

That’s Mason.

Read more poetry!


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