Photo of clock keySeth Thomas.

Some of you know him.

Every Sunday I think of ol’ Seth.

Every Sunday I wind him up.

The tick-tock pendulum clock that says “Seth Thomas.”

Made in the U.S.A.

And that’s a good thing.

Because Seth Thomas was American.

Born in 1785.

And a pioneer of mass production.

He had his own clock-making company when he was 25.

Not much later, he set up his own factory.

And started making clocks with metal movements.

Up until then, everything was made of wood.

The iconic clock in Grand Central Station is a Seth Thomas.

So was the one in the movie “High Noon.”

I got my Seth Thomas clock at Underwood’s Antiques.

Jerry Carlman’s booth, to be exact.

That man knows what time it is.

And he knows his clocks.

Mine’s a seven-day clock.

Meaning it winds down at the end of the week.

Kinda like people.

So every seven days you gotta wind it back up.

What better day to wind it than Sunday.

The day of rest.

One hopes.

Even clocks slow down.

So does the whole town.

And everybody in it.

The rooster’s crow.

The dog’s bark.


All slower.

For awhile.


A holy day.

Family day.

Or baseball.

Watch some golf.

Read the Sunday paper.

Rest awhile.

Then things wind up.

Including the clock.

Get ready for Monday.

Get ready for work.

Or get ready for vacation.

The Courthouse clock chimes in.

Before you know it—

It’s time.

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