Painting of Mason CoOde to the Crape Myrtle:

I think that I shall never see

Anything quite so lo-ve-ly

A tree that blooms while we sweat

And summer isn’t here yet.

A bush that looks

Like a bouquet

To make us forget

That one day

It will be hot

And hot

And hotter.

Better pray for rain

So we don’t have to water.

Mini muffins 2[The end.]

And the end of spring.

And the beginning of summer.

Next Monday.

One season ends.

Another begins.

As the saying goes:

“When one door closes,

A window opens.”

Which doesn’t make sense.

Why doesn’t another door open?

Why is it a window?

We don’t go through a window like we do a door.

We might jump out of one.

Or open one for more air.

Sounds like guarded optimism.

Unless…unless…the window is as big as a door.

If you are in need of windows or doors, try Country Collectibles.

Or Mason Resale Barn.

If you want new ones, go to Mason Building Supply & Rental.

They carry just about everything.

And they can order just about anything.

And for the same price or close to what you pay in the big city.

Save gas.

Save time.

Save wear and tear on your vehicle.

Stay home.

Stay cool.

Support your local businesses.

You might be surprised at what all is available here.

Tools made in the USA at Napa Auto.

Custom made jewelry at Shooting Star.

Also jewelry by Peters Creek Creations (on Facebook).

And Kay Knight Designs at The Thing Is.

Custom made boots.

Custom furniture by Mason County Craftsmen.

Custom saddles by Schooley Saddlery.

Mason County wine at Sandstone Cellars Winery.

Fine art at The Mason Gallery.

And the Artisan Gallery too.

Fresh bread and pastries at Topaz Confections.

Homemade pies at Willow Creek Café.

And the list goes on.

So don’t go anywhere.

That’s Mason.

Read more poetry!


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