Farmers Market BountyFarm to market.

Food transported to the grocery store.

We’d be lost without it.

And pretty darn hungry too.

Farmers’ Market.

Right here.

Right now.

Every Friday.

Rain or shine (for some).

From 5pm to 7pm.

Located behind Santos Taqueria.

Buena Terra didn’t let the rain stop them.

They brought an abundance of their organic vegetables.

Pickling cucumbers and regular cukes.

Daikon and radishes.

Beets and carrots.

New potatoes.

Fennel and onions.

Fresh dill, basil, and rosemary.

And flat-leaf parsley.

Fat, succulent bell peppers.


Two kinds of eggplant.

Cabbage (green and red).

They toil in the soil to produce such bounty.

And then pick it.

Load it up.

Drive it to town.

Set up tables.

Unload it all.

Display their bountiful array.

And the line forms.

Those in the know, know.

Get there early.

Bring your own bags helps.

And as the seasons change, so too the offerings.

Other vendors bring fresh blackberries.

Custom jewelry.

Handmade soap.

ML Farms raises grass-fed beef.

They sell ribeyes and roasts among other cuts.

And also natural chicken, lamb, and pork.

Texas Food Ranch has green onions.


Fresh basil.



And a potpourri of lettuces.

Naturally, the selection of vegetables will change.

As will the weather.

Bring on the tomatoes.

“To every thing, there is a season.

And a time to every purpose…” [Ecclesiastes 3]

That’s Mason.

Read more poetry!


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