You know the old saying:

Don’t Squat With Your Spurs On.

Good advice.

Here’s another version:

Mason County Winecups, Cactus & Old WheelbarrowWatch Where You Squat.

Because they’re everywhere.

Fire ants.

And are they ever.

On fire, that is.

Anyone who’s personally encountered them knows what I mean.

They move fast as fleas.

And are about the same size.

And the pain they inflict can surpass other bites and stings.

Maybe that’s because they bite you first and then sting.

If you just arrived on Planet Earth, North America, Texas, Mason County, then beware.

Fire ants mound up the dirt like a gopher would.

(Give me a gopher any day.)

Upon closer look, you’ll see hundreds of itty bitty indentations in the mound’s surface.

Similar to a doll’s head when all the hair is pulled out.

And about as creepy too.

Poke it with a stick and watch the mound come alive.

Make sure it’s a long stick.

Talk about mean and evil.

Fire ants are killing off the quail population.

They attack the emerging chicks.

They’ll also swarm in the eyes of a newborn fawn and kill it.

They’re also killing off the horny toads.

(Yeah, yeah…I know the correct name is “horned” toad…but not when I was growing up…).

Horny toads eat ants—the big red kind known as Texas harvesters.

Which are native.

Fire ants—which are not native–destroy the harvesters.

So the horny toad starves.

Thankfully there’s the Horned Lizard Conservation Society.

Everybody seems to have a remedy for killing the dreaded F.A.

Even T.V. commercials spout about sure-fire deterrents.

Heck, I’ll try most anything.

Jeff Durst at The Green House sells a killer product.

Mason Feed Store carries another.

Be sure you treat only the fire ants.

Too many of the good guys are being poisoned as well.

For more facts go to:

And watch where you squat.

That’s Mason.



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