Well, I’ll be doggone!

Soft rain.

Slight breeze.

“Duke” by Jami Walker Ferris

Still a chill in the air.

Kids cut across the grassy lot, talking talking.

Walking to school.

And above, the towering pecan.

Its limbs stretched over the three teenagers walking on…

On into their lives.

They know not what lies ahead.

But then, who does?

Forward they go, oblivious of the witness.

The pecan tree watching, listening.

As it has for more than 60 years.

And what it has seen…and heard…it keeps to itself.

Confidentiality is key.

Being a tree, there isn’t much choice.

Kinda like dogs.

You can tell them anything.

And they’ll keep it to themselves.

Great confidantes, dogs.

You can tell ‘em your deepest, darkest secrets.

Share your fears and concerns.

Or your dreams and desires.

It won’t phase ‘em in the least.

Cry on their shoulder.

They’ll lick your tears.

Hug ‘em and pet ‘em.

They’ll slobber all over you.

Or plop down on your foot.

Or jump in your lap.

Someone approaches.

They’ll protect you.

Feeling blue?

They’ll bring you a ball.

Or a stick.

Or their favorite pull-toy.

Surely that will cheer you up.

Works for them every time.

Nothing is so important or serious that a dog can’t pierce right through the haze and into your heart.

Pattie and Ashley, the dog-loving dogcatchers for the City of Mason, round ‘em up on a regular basis.

And spend their own personal time trying to find homes for them.

As do Second Chance and Old Yeller Rescue.

Drs. Dave and Andy Rosberg help heal them at Hill Country Veterinary Hospital.

Still, some folks just plain don’t like dogs.

But doggone it, the dogs don’t care.

They’ll still like you.

That’s Mason.

Renee Walker is a poet, writer, and real estate broker on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster.


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