Coming Soon!

Buster diggin' the flowers 2012Have you seen them?

Sometimes it’s hard to notice.


Hear that?

They’re coming on strong.

Busy as can be.

Forming future flowers.

It’s the bluebonnets.



Promising another Spring.

Not the flowers.

Not just yet.

But the plant itself.

Bursting with life in the grass or gravel.

Barely noticeable.

But there.

Coming, coming, coming our way with certainty.

Like good news from afar.

Their leaves like little Texas stars.

They cheer the soul on these frosty mornings.

Like a promise, kept.

Absolutely loyal and true.

Returning to us again and again.

Making no demands.

Other than to leave them be.

Don’t mow them down.

Or stomp on them.

Or crush them with the car.

In return, they’ll dazzle us for weeks.

And bring on visitors from hundreds of miles.

Unless the Ice Man cometh.



We don’t want him to ruin everything.


Vamoose, Ice Man.

Let the sun shine.

Especially on our beloved state flower.

Lupinus texensis.

From the Pea Family.

A humble herb.

Profusely proliferating.

Every year (ideally).

Painted and photographed.

And printed and parlayed into big business.


They’re on their way.

So watch your step.

That’s Mason.

Renee Walker is a poet, writer, and real estate broker on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster.


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