Plant a Seed!

Pomegranates on Windowsill (1)Seeds.

Not something to sneeze at.

Seeds hold secrets.

They keep it all inside themselves.

Seeds bear fruit.


(Look at Johnny Appleseed.)

Some seeds we eat.

Such as pomegranate.

Some we discard.

Such as lemon.

Some we spit.

Watermelon, for instance.

And some we avoid touching.

Such as chili peppers.

(Hopefully Peter Piper wore gloves.)

Handle a jalapeno and then rub your eye.

You’ll “see” what I mean.

We eat dried pumpkin seeds.

And sunflower seeds.

Well, actually, the kernel inside the sunflower seed.

Birds like those too.

Then there’s the singular, round avocado seed.

And the fuzzy, teardrop-shaped mango seed.

Some seeds, hard as stone, are known as pits.

Plum, peach, and cherry have them.

They even make a cherry pitter.

Wood splitter.

Fly swatter.

Floor stripper.

Paint thinner.

Potato peeler.

Knife sharpener.

And that comes in handy if you want to slice a tomato.

Once upon a time, a neighbor grew her own tomatoes.

From her own tomatoes.

She scooped tiny seeds out of the ripe ones.

And dried them on paper plates that lined her kitchen counter.

Then she planted them.

And here came more tomatoes.

Just like magic.


A seed wants to grow.

Someone pointed that out to me as I fretted over my first garden.

Doesn’t take convincing.

That was a relief to hear.

Just some soil.


Warm sun.

Put a rock on top of it.

The seed will still do its thing.

Crumpled and crippled maybe, underneath the rock.

But struggling to grow regardless.

Just goes to show.

Never underestimate a seed.

That’s Mason.

Renee Walker is a poet, writer, and real estate broker on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster.


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