Alzheimers Makes One Wonder

Alzheimers. I’m watching the film,
“Away From Her,”
about it with Julie Christie. It’s by no means the first movie I’ve seen about it nor articles or other info I’ve read or seen about it, including people I know personally who have dealt with it. What I’m wondering is this, if Alzheimers, isn’t a psychogical phenomena, at least where it pertains to women, who have subverted and suppressed their inherent female power to adhere to societal demands and at their own expense. Yes, it affects men too and maybe for the same reason…but I am going to focus on women…it reminds me of Tennessee Williams and his sister forced to get a lobotomy for basically being an unpredictable, alive young woman,,,and T.S. Eliot whose wife Vivienne inspired most of his poetry but because she was prone to fits (and who wouldn’t living with a man who dressed up like a woman) had her committed to an insane asylum to get her out of the way…so is Alzheimers perhaps the result of suppressed, unexamined, forsaken aspects of the psyche that will not be heard? The truth will out? Is this rampant “disease” all about just that: DIS-EASE? Not beng truthful to one’s self. NOT at ease. But living the lie. The expectation? Even one’s own Idea or dream? But not in alignment with one’s owwn true self. And the self rebels, cracks, fractures, turns traitor. Could it be?


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