Road kill feral hog
Road kill feral hog


Has fallen.

Officially today.

And with it comes cooler mornings.

And buzzards.

A dozen of them circling Mason Feed Store.

Others working their way up El Paso Street.

They best follow the new speed limit.

Or else.

Yep, there they go.

Looking for something dead.

Preferably road kill.





Most anything will do.

Wild hog.



Or cat.

Bon appétit.


From Middle English busard.

Which came from the Old French busart.

And buson and buison.

Which came from the Latin buteo.

Meaning “a kind of hawk.”

Also known as turkey vulture.

Because it resembles a turkey with its naked, reddish head.

All this according to trusty Webster.

“Buzzard” can describe a person.

You know the type.

Mean old buzzard.

“Buzz” comes from no language.

But from the sound it makes.

That of a prolonged “z.”


Like a bee.

Or a buzz saw.

Buzz along at a steady rate.

If work piles up, buzz right through it.

Some like to get a buzz on.

Or get a buzz cut.

Buzz me sometime.

We’ll catch up.

You know…on the phone.

Although a text is more likely.

And saves time.

Speaking of which…

Time to buzz off.

That’s Mason.

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