Tick Tock

Six Generations

Time flies.

Whether or not you’re having fun.

Time has its own speed limit.

Which seems to increase as time passes.

When we’re 10, time drags on.

At 10 mph.

When we’re 30, it’s 30 mph.

And ramping up.

By 50, time’s zipping along at 50 mph.

And so forth.

I guess it makes sense that the eyesight goes.

Since it’s all a blur at 80 or 90.

Time rules.

Nature’s stopwatch.

Calling the shots.

Ready, set, go.

Time’s up.

You’re out.

You win a few.

Lose a few.

The old rat race.

Trouble with that is…if you win…

You’re still a rat.

(Lily Tomlin said that.)

The race against time.

Like horses over the barrels.

We watch the time.

Check the time.

Try to save time.

But we still lose time.

We spend time.

We waste time.

We ignore the time.

Some of us have killed time.

Or lost track of it altogether.

“Time waits for no man.”

Clocks keep time.

Jerry Carlman knows all about that.

He has some for sale at Underwood’s Antiques.

He knows how to fix ‘em too.

Wind ‘em up.

Hear them tick.

And tock.

And bong.

Summertime, the clocks say.

And the livin’ is easy.

So be on time.

Enjoy your time.

There’s no time like the present.

Have a good time.

Isn’t it about time?

That’s Mason.

Renee with new glasses April 2015Renee Walker is a poet, writer, and real estate broker on the Square with her canine assistant, Buster.


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