September 18, 2013












You could tell a whole story with those words.

And then there’s “blog.”

Which sounds like some kind of obstruction.


In need of removal.

“Oh man, I got a blog in my [blank].”

“The engine sounds like it needs a new blog.”

Or something heavy.

“Yeah, the party was a real blog.”

“He was last seen wandering the blog.”

And yet…

And yet, blog is a…, well, it’s a thing on the internet.

Both a verb and a noun.

We not only have blogs.

We blog on our blogs.

Which makes us bloggers.

The word is a contraction of “web log.”

Basically, it’s a personal website or web page where one records personal

opinions, links to other sites, and so forth on a regular basis.

A sort of “open book” diary.

“Dear Diary…and all my most intimate friends throughout the free, and not so

free, world (which could be a billion or so) who have access to the Internet and are reading this…”

It’s a laughable word.

Maybe because it resembles “blob.”

Some might remember that movie.

Blog is one of those fun words to insert in place of the usual one.

Such as in songs:

“All my blogs live in Texas…”

“What the world needs now is blog, more blog…”

“I left my blog in San Francisco…”

Or titles of movies:

The Blogfather.

The Lord of the Blogs.

Dirty Blog.

Or books:

Moby Blog.

Lady Chatterley’s Blog.

The Blog of Monte Cristo.

To blog, or not to blog.

That is the question.

It’s enough to bloggle the mind.

That’s Mason.


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