July 31, 2013

Well, the thing is…

The Thing Is moved to the north side of the square.

And it’s better ‘n ever.

An eclectic boutique not to be missed.

The other thing is…

Off the Square Hair Company moved too.

From one off-the-square location to another.

From west of the square to north of the square.

Next door to The Mason Artisan Gallery on Hwy 386.

And another thing is…

Lilacs ‘N Calico is back.

And back on the square.

Only this time you’ll find it on the east side.

Another amazing shoppe.

Speaking of lilacs…

The color purple comes to mind.

And nowhere is it more evident than around town.

Texas sage exploding with purple flowers.

On the street behind Willow Creek Café.

(Along with a stunning crape myrtle).

On Olmas Street across from Steady Steps and First United Methodist Church.

In front of the office of Glenn Ruthven, D.D.S.

Each bush saturated with luminous purple.

On South Live Oak Street.

In front of Beaty’s Embroidery.

In front of the Law Office of Laird Palmer.

On Highway 29 and Smith Street across from Sonlight Orchards.


Purple as it comes, telling of a change

In seasons, the mornings cooling off,

A harvest moon, this kind of wisdom blooms

On the Texas sage, flourishing there

After a steady rain, proud, vibrant,

So sure of its existence.


This time. But without water nothing

Blooms of any consequence, nothing

Grows so nothing changes, nothing

Lives, sure of dying, nothing becomes

Its own existence, though some things

Do thrive in shallow, rocky soil.


From “Deep Soil,” Hill Country & Other Poems.

Available at Mason Square Museum.

Texas sage ablaze with purpled glory.

Behind Capital Farm Credit on Robin Street.

Across the street from Mason High School on Avenue F.

In front of Santos Taqueria and Sandstone Cellars Winery.

And speaking of wineries…

Compass Rose Cellars opened for business on Saturday.

Behind Cross-Land Surveying.

Purple grapes.

Good wine.

Go Purple!

That’s Mason.


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