June 5, 2013

O beautiful

For spacious skies

For Mason County land.

For coreopsis

In the fields

And tanks so full


For hills of green

And coastal tall

And rainfall

Blessings be.

We sow and reap

And eat and sleep

And give our thanks



Or “Golden-wave.”

Some call ‘em Black-Eyed Susans.

(Actually, we only have Brown-Eyed Susans in the Hill Country.)

Some call ‘em “those yeller flowers.”

Whatever they are, those golden waves are risin’ and swellin’ this season.

Our pastures overfloweth.

If this was coastal, we’d all be rich.

Cows graze knee deep in the flowers.

The calves downright hidden (along with the snakes).

Thanks to Spring rains.

And warming days.

As our world turns towards Summer.


Was but a week or so ago we had cool temps.

There goes Time.

Hurrying offstage.

Always changing its costume.

Always changing its part.

A new look.

A new phase.

A new season.

Or new reason.





Wedding shower.

Baby shower.

Thunderstorms wielding power.

And hopefully bringing more rain.

That’s Mason.

That’s Mason.


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