I say “toe-MAY-toe.” You say “toe-MAW-toe.” Tomato. Tomahto. I call it ketchup. You call it catsup. According to trusty Webster, “ketchup” is the correct name. Derived from Malay kechap. A fish sauce. And Chinese ketsiap. A sauce for meat, fish, etc. Especially a thick sauce. Which appeared in Europe in the 1600s when Dutch and […]

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Mother Nature. What a gal. What a wonderful world she gave us. Just look up at the sky some dark night. Who would’ve guessed what Mira is up to…up there. Mira being a star. Not a movie star. Nope. There’s no comparison to movie stars when it comes to the red giant Mira. Astronomers in […]

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Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ Keep them cattle rollin’ Move ‘em out Bring ‘em in Head ‘em up Ride ‘em in Cut ‘em out Round ‘em up It’s Round-Up Weekend. EeeeeHAAAAAA. Saturday, July 8th. A Mason tradition for umpteen years. Fifty-three, to be exact. Parade. Floats. Candy for the kids. Horseback riders. The only thing missing is […]

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Fourth of July. Just around the corner. Next Tuesday, in fact. Supposed to be in the 90s. Hot and dry. That’s Texas weather for ya. Hot-and-dry fits right in. After all, it IS summer. Celebrate outdoors. Parades. Picnics in the shade. Cold ice tea. Sweet tea. Cold soda. Cold Kool-Aid. Cold beer. Cold wine. Cold […]

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Beef. It’s what’s for supper. Or dinner. Which is another name for lunch. Whatever. Eat beef. Manger le boeuf. After all, this is a ranching community. Raising cattle for more than 100 years. Angus. Brangus. Longhorn. And if you don’t raise your own, you can buy from those who do. There’s locally-grown, grass-fed, all natural […]

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Ode to the Crape Myrtle: I think that I shall never see Anything quite so lo-ve-ly A tree that blooms while we sweat And summer isn’t here yet. A bush that looks Like a bouquet To make us forget That one day It will be hot And hot And hotter. Better pray for rain So […]

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Coreopsis. Crowding the pasture. Careening through the draws. Crashing through the barbed wire. Advancing into every open space it can find. Celebrating. It’s good to be a wildflower. Especially with rain. Spring weather. Moisture. Heat. Cooler mornings. Cool enough for blankets. Indian blankets too. And Gayfeathers. Winecups. White prickly poppy. Yes, it’s good to be […]