The heart. In Mexico and Latin America, it’s illegal to write a song without mentioning “el corazon.” Si? Verdad? Is that true? No, not really, I just made that up. But every song I hear in Spanish never fails to include “corazon.”  And porque no? Why not? The heart is the heart of the […]

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  We called her Gramma, somehow slurring the “n” and “d” into an “m.” And we did the same with Grampa. Her six sisters and two brothers called her Nan, though her given name was Ann. Ann Beatrice Sistrunk. She was my mother’s mother. She was born almost in the middle with Blanton, Mary T., […]

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  Sometimes it’s good to say nothing. Like a pothole. Just be there. Be present. Expect nothing.  Yet be receptive. Like an empty bowl. When it rains (which is seldom) the potholes fill with water. The streets shine. The potholes become big bowls of rainwater, inset into the patched asphalt. They glimmer like pieces of […]

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“Singin’ in the rain. We’re happy again. In the early morning rain. And nowhere to go. Raindrops keep falling on our heads. ‘Cause, Baby, the rain must fall.” Nearly 800 songs exist about rain. Rain changes perspective. Forget praying for peace in the Middle East. Pray for rain! Talk about an attitude adjustment. That’ll solve […]

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